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Double Jointed? or Hypermobile?

Do you remember someone from your childhood who was flexible and bendy? And when I say flexible I mean REALLY flexible! They probably called themselves double-jointed and could perform eye-watering feats like hooking a foot behind their head, bending over...

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Calf Pain

The calf is made up of a complex bunch of muscles including... soleus, gastrocnemius, tibialis posterior and anterior and the peronei. These muscles all have different functions but work together to give control, balance and force dispersion to the lower limb. As they...

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Signs of serious Sciatica.

The good news is that serious sciatica is very rare! As we saw in the last blog, sciatica can be very painful, but please be reassured that most episodes of sciatica will settle down well with good treatment and management. Rarely though, sciatica can be a sign of...

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Do you have Sciatica??

Sciatica is the name given to buttock and leg pain which comes from the low back. This is sometimes accompanied by tingling, numbness and weakness into the leg and foot.     It can be extremely painful and really restrict what you can do. Sciatica can start suddenly,...

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Time to reach for the water?

Whilst we can all acknowledge that it might not be the most exciting of drinks to have, the benefits of regular water consumption should never be ignored. With the body being made up of 70% water, it is important to keep our body hydrated.  When asking patients how...

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Top Tips for Pain Free Holidays!

If you are about to head off on holiday here are some tips to look after your back while you are away... Luggage   You don’t have to fill your suitcase! Pack light if you can and use a case with good wheels! Lift carefully, especially after long journeys when your...

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Spring 2017 Clinic Blog

Taking that first step can be hard! If you are reading this first newsletter, then it means our new website is live, and I am breathing a sigh of relief! Organising the website has been one of those jobs that I have always found a reason to put off. Deciding what the...

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I contacted Mike after being in some considerable pain and prescribed diazepam by my GP. I can honestly say that after my second visit, which was today, the difference is incredible. Highly recommended for the ‘practical’ benefit of how much better I feel but also for the friendly, honest and warm nature that I have experienced.
Melanie (via Facebook)

“I was referred by my GP due to worsening arthralgia and back pain. My GP was also a patient and told me what to expect.
I was delighted that most of the treatment was gentle and effective. It keeps my muscles and joints mobile and reduces my pain and stiffness enabling me to enjoy life more.
I would highly recommend P.O.C. and have done on many occasions.”
A. Hunt, 56

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Gluteal exercise (modified squat)

This is a good exercise to start ‘waking up’ the gluteal muscles. Remember that this is as much about body control and awareness as it is about strength. Try to do it without shoes for maximum benefit. Keep your weight...

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